The Clean Fuel Box in brief

The innovative product, called Clean Fuel Box had been awarded for CEF co-finance by the European Commission, to be demonstrated in a real-life trial it’s capability. The Clean Fuel Box opens the way to the development of filling points that can be installed in the cities, fitting in the environment and serves the demand of customers mostly better, than any previous solutions.

As opposed to the several months, or up to half year period required for the implementation of a compressor station, the CFBs can be installed within one day and their investment cost can be reduced to approx. half. Another advantage of the technology for investors and operators is that it is free of fixed operation costs like fix capacity option fee causing significant losses for the operators in case of compressors with low levels of utilisation. Moreover the CFB technology allows for the reinstallation of the equipment from a badly operating location to a more favourable site or even temporary CNG filling points may be installed.

The CNG Clean Fuel Boxes (CFB, a technical innovation with patent requests) are compact, LCNG (LCNG = from liquefied natural gas to compressed natural gas fueling solution) technology based self-service refueling stations, which are able to refuel CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicles independently of the gas distribution network.

The CFB is refueling fast and smooth, with only a small noise, in 24 hours a day service. On top of that it looks like a street furnish, matching to the city environment. The Clean Fuel Box is going to be chic, attractive for the customers in different ways. Not only economically sense, the environment friendly refueling going to be trendy for matching with the needs of today’s customer.

The technology of the CFB can be introduced as a fully European product. It has a compact sized LNG storage, a regasifier, CNG buffer storage, odorizer equipment and the dispenser, all of this are based on a comprehensive IT, what is monitored and controlled by the central dispatcher office. It is an integral part of the project to produce the CFB feeding vehicle, which is compact sized, under 7,5 tones gvw., capable for smooth operation, matching also well to the urban environment. Last but not least, it highly respects the sustainability goals, as consuming itself only CNG fuel.

Clean Fuel Box CNG powered feeder vehicle

The Clean Fuel Box can be filled even by LNG or BioLNG, which can provide a completely CO2-neutral fuel! So, even the carbon neutral transport solution is in the hand!